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Wolf Hunt Essay: #56
Newsletter #56: Wolf Hunt

Trying to make sense of the Montana and Idaho wolf hunt (a PDF file).

Koani: #53
Newsletter #5: Koani

Memories of Koani (a PDF file).

Indy: #51
Newsletter #51: Indy

Memories of Indy (a PDF file).

Are Wolves

Human Killed by Wolves

There's been one death in North America - find out what happened
and the possible reasons that a pack of wolves killed a man in Ontario.

Wolf Attack

How much of a threat are wolves to humans?

An International Review
of Wolf Attacks on Humans

An extensive paper (in PDF form) that documents
wolf attacks on humans worldwide.
Allow some time to download.

Case History of Wolf-Human Encounters
in Alaska & Canada

Another extensive paper (in PDF form) from the Alaska Department of
Fish and Game that documents wolf encounters with humans
Allow some time to download.

Wolf Depredation Put into Perspective

How big of an impact do wolves have on livestock in the
Northern Rockies?

Killing Wolves

A Wolf in the Crosshairs!

How close I came to shooting a wolf and why I didn't:
an Alaskan memoir and testimony to the value of education.

Pet Wolves and Hybrids

The Romance of Having a Wolf
of Your Own

Wolves as Pets and what it's like to live with a wolf.

A Wolf Does Not A Pet Make

A booklet in Question and Answer format
about owning a wolf or wolf dog hybrid.

Life With A Wolf

Wolf in the Classroom!

An article in CSU Chico's Statements Magazine by Marion Harmon

Meat Harvest: Meals for Koani

Answering the question, "How did you get all that meat for Koani?"

The Dilemma

How we dealt with Koani's hardwired predatory nature.

Other Interesting Topics

Wildfire and Wolves

Similarity in Perception of Wolves and Wildfire

Religious Zealots and Environmentalism

Dealing with conflict, opposition, and zealots.


Teacher's Checklist

Questions For The Hosts Of Live Animal Programs To Ask Prospective Presenters


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