True Wolf - the Film about Koani


True Wolf: The Story of Koani and Her Unusual Pack

Thank you to everyone who chipped in and made True Wolf possible, the film could not have been made without you. True Wolf showed in 25 theaters across the country and I’m happy to report it was very well received.

Now True Wolf  is available worldwide and across the universe! You've got 3 options for watching the film:

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1. Purchase a DVD that includes bonus material such as:

Wolf: Real or Imagined?
"The Wolf: Real or Imagined? – a documentary Bruce made pre-Koani that explores the role stories play in shaping perceptions and attitudes towards the wolf.
Was That a Wolf? Was That A Wolf?” – another pre-Koani program that visually explains how to differentiate wolves from coyotes and dogs... and features young Koani including her debut role as Wolfzilla.
Indy and Koani Unseen footage of Koani and Indy from Wild Sentry's archives... some of the scenes will make you laugh.

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2. "Rent" or stream it


3. "Buy" it as a download and watch as many times as you want.

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Please let other’s know about Koani’s story via email, Facebook, Twitter, word-of-mouth, or how ever you communicate. There’s no distribution company promoting True Wolf, it’s simply a grassroots effort, so your help in spreading the word about the film will definitely help.

Writing a nice review would help too.

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